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Hollywood Graveyard

Hollywood Graveyard

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Forest Lawn Hollywood #1 (Bette Davis, Liberace, etc.)

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Forest Lawn Hollywood #2 (Buster Keaton, Stan Laurel, etc.)

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Forest Lawn Hollywood #3 (Brittany Murphy, Gene Autry, etc.)

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Valhalla #1 (Oliver Hardy, Bea Benaderet, etc.)

Welcome to Hollywood Graveyard, where we set out to remember and celebrate the lives of those who lived to entertain us...
by visiting their final resting places.


Original short stories from Hollywood Graveyard

Hollywood Graveyard

Retro 3D Viewer


Experience Hollywood Graveyard through the nostalgic lens of a custom made retro 3D viewer, with real stereoscopic highlights from cemeteries across Los Angeles.  Select from one of five reels with your order of a retro viewer.  Additional reels may be purchased separately.  Boxes come signed by Arthur Dark.

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We've created a series of Google Maps to help you find your favorite stars' final resting places, with pinpoint accuracy.

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